Humanitech Summit 2022

Ensuring frontier technologies benefit people and society

2nd annual conference – Thinkers, Makers, Doers


Thursday 19 May 2022

State Library Victoria
328 Swanston St, Melbourne


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Thank you to the speakers, Founding Partner Telstra Foundation and attendees for making Humanitech Summit 2022 a day to remember!

About Humanitech

Humanitech is a think + do tank which seeks to shape the future for all humanity by harnessing the power of technology for good.

By convening the best minds working at the intersection of technology and social innovation, Humanitech explores the role of emerging technology in meeting humanitarian need, creates evidence through sharing, collaboration, research and experimentation, amplifies ideas and solutions with the greatest potential for scale and impact, and, influences so that emerging technology serves humanity by putting people at the core and in control.


Katrina Donaghy

Katrina Donaghy

Civic Ledger

Bridgette Engeler

Bridgette Engeler

Swinburne School of Business

Natalie Kyriacou
Natalie Kyriacou OAM
My Green World
Edward Santow

Edward Santow

University of Technology Sydney

The Humanitech Summit is a collective exploration of how frontier technologies can be used in ways that benefit people and society.

On Thursday 19 May 2022 we held our second annual Humanitech Summit.

Humanitech Summit 2022 showcased leading thinkers, makers and doers exploring ‘humanity first’ approaches to data and technology through insightful presentations, fireside chats, panels and interactive exercises exploring the burning issues at the intersection of technology and humanity.

State of the #techforsocialimpact

What is currently occupying the minds and efforts of leading thinkers, makers and doers?
Designing for Humanity
Exploring different conceptualisations of humanity first design of technology.
Putting principles into practice
Showcasing real-world examples of humanity first approaches to designing tech.

Founding Partner

Telstra Foundation
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